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About Otter Creek
Before Otter Creek, you had no idea what you were washing with because your wife bought your shower products -- and she probably bought them in the feminine hygiene section of your supermarket. Before Otter Creek, you smelled like "passionfruit" or "pomegranate nectar".

Otter Creek recognizes that you are a man. Otter Creek recognizes that you aren't always sitting at an office desk. Otter Creek knows that you escape to the wild. You go days in the wilderness where the only running water is flowing down a Class V river. You sit motionless in mosquito and tick infested woods because that trophy buck is worth the wait. You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty because you know the pride that comes with providing the food that goes on your table.

Otter Creek seeks to do one thing -- provide outdoorsmen with products that are tailor-made for them. Today's men recognize quality, but when it comes to personal hygiene, men have been forced to choose between different products that were made for a woman's needs and look like they belong in a ladies handbag.

Otter Creek seeks to provide outdoorsmen with a line of products that will keep the bugs off them when they are in the wilderness, get them clean without making them smell like a woman, keep the stink off them even when they don't have time to wash and not ruin the environment in the process.

Finally, Otter Creek gives all this to men in a package that they can be proud of.

Otter Creek... for outdoorsmen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do Otter Creek products have scent?
A. Yes, most Otter Creek products have scent. The few products that do not have scent will state "Unscented" on the packaging. But none of our products are scent-removal products.

Q. I am a hunter. If Otter Creek products have scent, why would I want these?
A. Our motto is "The average hunter hunts 19 days a year, Otter Creek is here for the other 346." To put it another way, we are a line of products tailored to your everyday life. These are great day-in-day-out products that should permanently reside in your shower. The scents are masculine, but not overpowering.