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Collectible Ornaments
Flatware Storage
Baby and Child Sterling Giftware
Sterling Silver Flatware
Barocco collection with 23 products
Barocco 23 products 4  
Giorgio collection with 27 products
Giorgio 27 products 4  
Grande Baroque collection with 81 products
Grande Baroque 81 products 9  
Palatina collection with 23 products
Palatina 23 products 4  
Venezia collection with 18 products
Venezia 18 products 2  
Stainless Steel Flatware
Duchess collection with 1 products
Duchess 1 product 2  
Taos collection with 1 products
Taos 1 product    
Anchor collection with 1 products
Anchor 1 product    
Hammered collection with 1 products
Hammered 1 product 2  
Reins collection with 1 products
Reins 1 product 1  
Luxe collection with 3 products
Luxe 3 products 4  
The Wallace brand began in a small silversmith's shop in 1835 in Connecticut, and was known for pioneering nickel-silver alloy flatware. Today Wallace Silversmiths is a leading designer and manufacturer of beautiful sterling silver and stainless steel flatware, holloware and frames, plus exquisite tableware and giftware in crystal and alternative metals. Our collections have also expanded to include storage, entertaining and decorative accessories.